Our team

The distributed ledger consulting team consists of long-time experienced executives from the financial industry, as well as IT experts and scientists. This benefits us in project processing: specially assembled experts work in different constellations on the most individual questions of our customers.


Dr. Sven Hildebrandt20190822110028

Dr. Sven Hildebrandt

Dr. Sven Hildebrandt has many years of experience in the field of corporate development and digitalization as well as marketing and corporate communications. After studying and completing his doctorate in business administration, he was active in various agencies as well as in management consulting with a focus on the financial services sector. Before joining DLC Distributed Ledger GmbH, he worked at the Techniker Krankenkasse and for HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH, among others....
Jan Riggert20190822113004

Jan Riggert

Partner Technology
Jan Riggert looks back on more than 15 years of programming experience, which he has significantly developed in the field of advertising. He is fascinated by the subject of crypto assets in the various emerging business areas as well as the fundamental improvement of existing processes by distributed ledgers. At Distributed Ledger Consulting, he primarily ensures the technical intgration in the ptrogam management's direction....