“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

Chinese proverb

While in 1990 four of the five most valuable brands in the world were still active in the oil and gas sector, just 25 years later this list includes only companies that would not exist without the internet. Since we firmly believe that data will be the raw material of the future and that its secure and cost-effective transfer by means of cryptographically secured tokens are fundamental to the development of any relevant market participant in the future, it will be those companies belonging to the top 25 that have dealt with distributed ledger technologies (DLT) at an early stage.

However, as with any other disruptive technology, there are large gaps in information in the DLT sector, often due to the fact that the different market participants do not understand each other. Distributed Ledger Consulting sees itself at this point as a link between the traditional financial industry and the “crypto/digital assets scene”: we know the needs and wishes of both sides and, through information and moderation, we ensure that joint projects can be optimally evaluated. In contrast to other market participants, we are distinguished by a team that has been interdisciplinary from the outset (long-standing financial market players, technicians, scientists).

We offer the following services!


Distributed ledger technology is evolving rapidly. Hardly a day goes by without news being reported – either technical or regulatory. We monitor the market and keep you up to date on developments that are particularly relevant to you. This saves you precious time that you can invest in the development of your core business.



We closely monitor regulatory developments and assist in the precise formulation of application documents precisely.



Smart contracts are the new “contracts” on the blockchain. If these errors are contained, there may be serious consequences. We offer you the creation/testing of your smart contracts.



Choosing a digital asset raises the question of reliable and secure custody. We will review the appropriateness of a custodian for your digital assets and assist you in selecting an adequate depositary.



Distributed ledger technology opens up completely new opportunities for not only the financial world but a large number of market participants to interact with each other. There is no doubt, however, that the financial industry – whose core business model is to stand as an intermediary between entities that do not trust each other – will be particularly affected strong by blockchains and other developments such as directed acyclic graphs.

Together with you, we work on intersections or analyze the influence of the technology on your current business model and discover potentials for financial intermediaries.



A serious engagement with digital assets of all kinds raises a wide range of challenges, the first of which is to understand this new technology. If digital assets are to be valued with regard to their suitability, future viability and security, semi-professional and professional asset managers and investors require relevant and resilient information first that they can either gain from different sources on the internet, or train in seminars or workshops, customized to their needs.

The consulting department of Distributed Ledger Consulting focuses exclusively on the needs of institutional investors and asset managers and provides them with the information tailored to their needs. Specific investment advice does not take place – this is reserved for the investor. We also offer tax advice on the subject through partners.