Especially in a young or in many places still emerging ecosystem it is particularly advantageous to participate in the relevant industry associations and organizations and to conclude strong cooperations. Distributed Ledger Consulting GmbH and/or its advisors are  members of the following associations – sometimes even as founding members or board members.


The Blockchain Bundesverband sees itself as the leading association for the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany. Through the membership of one of its advisors in the financial group of the association, the DLC is always informed about the latest developments and, for example, receives the opportunity to cotribute to relevant issues in the context of comments on circulars of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Bitkom e.V.

The German digital association Bitkom e.V., founded 1999 in Berlin, represents over 2.700 companies. Among them, 500 Start-ups, 1.000 SMEs and virtually all global players. Bitkom advocates for the digitization of the economy, society and public administration. The association focuses on the expansion of the digital infrastructure, a forward-looking IT and telecommunication network policy, innovative security and safety, as well as disruptive technologies.


The International Association of Trusted Blockchain Appliances – INATBA – launched by the European Commission provides developers and users of DLT with a global forum to engage with regulators and policy-makers and promotes blockchain technology. As a founding member, the DLC expects to be close to the relevant stakeholders and to be able to influence decisions accordingly.


The International Token Standardization Association – ITSA – aims to develop a uniform standard for the classification of tokens. Standardization of the token classification is of crucial importance with regard to asset valuation, but also in asset management, and supports Distributed Ledger Consulting GmbH in providing targeted advice on blockchain and distributed ledger in the financial market environment.


The thinkBLOCKtank is an association of about 50 lawyers who specialize in the topics blockchain and distributed ledger. Of course, this committee represents a relevant stakeholder group for Distributed Ledger Consulting and its clients in the semi-professional and professional financial services industry. For example, the cooperation allows early insight on consultation papers by ESMA, but also by the Federal Financial
Supervisory Authority (BaFin).